Little Blue Penguins

Penguin name: Fairy, or Little Blue, Penguin

Scientific name: Eudyptula minor

Size: Only 16 or 17 inches tall, these little guys weigh about 2 pounds each!

Location: Fairy penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere because they like warmer water.

What Do They Eat? Fairy penguins are rather fond of small fish, squid, baby octopus and of course, crustaceans.

Main enemies: Sea lions, Killer whales, sea eagles and sea gulls. In addition, dogs, snakes and rats are also their enemies.

photo by M Kuhn

Despite their cute name, Fairy penguins don’t fly. These adorable, little blue penguins have got to be one of the sweetest species of penguins known to man.

photo by Three Fish Sleeping

Because of their very small size, the Fairy penguin must always be aware of his or her surroundings. During their first few weeks of life, their parents carefully watch them. What’s neat about these penguins is that they automatically know how to swim and fish, so they are able to take care of themselves after they leave their nests.

A little over a foot tall, the Fairy penguins are also known as Little Blue penguins because, you guessed it, they’re blue! This species is the smallest of all penguins, and while they are tiny, they act like most other penguins. Their scientific name is ‘Eudyptula’, which means “good little diver” in the Greek language. They hunt and fish in shallow waters, and can dive about 30 feet if they have to.

Fairy penguins not only like small fish and squid, but they eat anchovies, sea horses and crab eggs. They swallow their food whole, without stopping to chew. Fairy penguins live to be around seven years old, and they like to return to the same nests year after year.

Fairy penguins mate for life, which means they keep the same partners, like a married couple, and like humans, both the mother and father penguins take care of their young.