Baby Penguins Everywhere by Melissa Guion

Here’s an adorable new picture book, Baby Penguins Everywhere! This delightful children’s book by Melissa Guion is full of wonderful penguin illustrations with with a lovely message about spending time together and taking time for yourself.

More Penguins

Nothing But Penguins Moved

Penguins at Nothing But Penguins have moved!

I just moved the website to a new hosting company, so you might find some things missing and some things looking a little bit different. All the great penguin fun is still here, and it should actually be moving faster. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this might cause, but I’m hoping in the long […]

Mr. Poppers Penguins movie promo

Mr. Popper’s Penguins hits theaters June 17th

Mr. Popper’s Penguins is the latest penguin movie soon to open in theaters. This penguin comedy stars Jim Carrey and a pile of adorable penguins. The movie is based on a book that has long been required reading in many schools. The storyline is a business man happens to “inherit” a small herd of penguins […]

The New Penguin Penguin at London Zoo photo by Murray Sanders

London Zoo has a new penguin beach

The London Zoo has revamped it’s penguin exhibit into a fabulous new penguin beach. The new exhibit is call Penguin Pool and is is now home to two species of penguins, Blackfooted Penguins (aka African Penguins) and Rockhopper Penguins. These penguins moved to the new Penguin Pool from their previous home at the Lubetkin Pool. […]

penguin gifts

Top ten gifts to give someone who loves penguins

People who love penguins are a special group. They love penguins for any number of reasons, but they’ll all agree that penguins are the best, coolest, and usually cutest critter on the planet. Regardless of your gift giving budget, you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect penguin gift! Here are our top ten favorite […]